Thierry Henry Praises new Arsenal Targets as Talented Player that have similar qualities as Robin van Persie.

Arsenal’s pursuit of Kai Havertz has caught the attention of football enthusiasts, as reported by The Telegraph.


The German midfielder’s time at Chelsea has been marked by a certain mystique, with glimpses of brilliance but a lack of consensus regarding his true position on the field.


Is Havertz a traditional striker, a false nine, an attacking midfielder, or even a winger? The answer eludes many, leaving pundits and fans alike puzzled.

Nevertheless, one influential figure, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, has voiced his opinion on the matter.


Speaking on CBS Sports earlier this year, Henry compared Havertz to the renowned Robin van Persie and emphasized the youngster’s potential as a hold-up striker.


Henry’s commendation of Havertz is not to be taken lightly. The Frenchman praised the German’s ability to retain possession, drawing parallels to Van Persie’s proficiency with his back to goal.


Van Persie, widely regarded as one of the Premier League’s finest forwards, was known for his impeccable left foot and the magnetic quality of his touch, consistently involving his teammates in the play.


While it may be premature to equate Havertz with Van Persie, the endorsement from a respected figure like Henry carries weight.

Havertz has undoubtedly displayed talent during his time in the English top flight, albeit without reaching double figures in terms of league goals.


It is crucial to acknowledge Henry’s judgment when assessing Havertz’s potential, particularly as a striker.


If the former Arsenal striker perceives something extraordinary in the young German, it is conceivable that Havertz possesses the qualities necessary to become a top-class player.


Only time will tell whether Arsenal’s interest in Havertz will lead to his arrival at the Emirates and if he can fulfill the expectations set upon him.

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