‘The marriage over If he lays his hands on me’ – Ooni of Ife’s 3rd wife, Queen Tobi Phillips says

Queen Tobi Phillips, the third wife of Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife, has disclosed the deal breaker in their marriage.

Phillips, who earned the title of World Miss University Africa (WMUA) in 2012, stated in an interview with TVC that she would not accept domestic abuse from her spouse.

Tobi Phillips, one of the new queens, stated that her deal breaker with the Ooni of Ife would be if he raised his hands on her.

“My deal breaker is don’t ever lay your hands on me. If that happens it’s over. And he (Ooni of Ife) is not that kind of person. If you have a relationship where you can communicate and share your likes and dislikes and you respect each other. With that, you guys will not get to the point where you are clashing. Because when something is happening, you can easily call your husband and say, ‘i don’t like this’ and vice versa.”

Further, the queen confessed that, despite being a fantastic cook, she does not cook for her husband. “I like to cook. I cook for myself. I am fantastic cook but he has a chef. I don’t cook for him.” she said.

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