Sixto kisses her Momma’s kili kili!

Marian and Sixto!

Our little boy Sixto Dantes has a new adorable video, you will surely laugh to what Sixto did in the video, he’s super cute and very sweet to her Momma Marian Rivera.

Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera shared on her Instagram story a video of her youngest child Sixto.

Sixto loves to smell and kiss the underarm of her mother Marian Rivera. In the video, you’ll hear Marian asking Sixto of what is he doing you’ll also hear her laugh and happiness because of Sixto.

You’ll also hear Sixto’s kisses to her mom’s underarm. Marian asked Sixto “kissing mama’s underarm?” and Sixto answered yes.

Here is the funny video of Sixto while kissing and smelling her mom’s underarm, you will surely love and laugh this video.

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