Renowned Sport Journalist gave Three clear reasons why Arsenal is in the right position to sign “World-Class” Star.

In the intricate realm of football, midfielders often serve as the backbone of a team’s performance, providing a delicate balance between defensive solidity and creative flair.


Arsenal, a club known for its rich history of midfield maestros, finds itself at a crossroads, seeking to strengthen this pivotal area of the pitch.


Enter Declan Rice, the talented midfielder whose presence could significantly bolster the Gunners’ midfield dynamics.


One of Rice’s standout qualities lies in his ability to defend the entire midfield single-handedly.


Hailing from Ghana, this tenacious player’s contributions are so immense that the team’s performance suffers greatly when he is injured or absent from the lineup.


The introduction of Rice would undoubtedly rectify this issue, providing the much-needed stability and quality in his absence.


Furthermore, Rice possesses the versatility to excel in the fluid role of a number eight, reminiscent of the renowned ‘Granit Xhaka role’ within the Arsenal setup.


As Xhaka’s potential departure looms, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta finds himself in search of a suitable replacement.


The introduction of Rice into the squad would seamlessly fill this void and maintain the team’s tactical coherence.


While Rice’s primary strengths lie in his defensive prowess, the player has showcased glimpses of attacking brilliance under the guidance of David Moyes at West Ham United.


Arteta, known for his astute managerial tactics, could harness Rice’s latent attacking potential, akin to the development seen in Xhaka’s game.


With Arteta’s guidance, Rice has the potential to further refine his offensive contributions, transforming into a multifaceted midfielder.


In conclusion, the addition of Declan Rice to Arsenal’s midfield arsenal would undoubtedly have a resounding impact. His ability to single-handedly defend the midfield would rectify the team’s vulnerability in his absence.


Moreover, his versatility in the fluid number eight role, akin to Xhaka’s influence, would ensure a seamless transition and maintain the team’s tactical balance.


As Rice continues to showcase glimpses of attacking brilliance, under the guidance of Arteta, his game could reach new heights.


Arsenal’s midfield would not only gain a formidable force but also a player capable of evolving into a well-rounded maestro, leaving opponents in awe and Gunners’ faithful inspired.

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