Pizza Oven From Roccbox Review 2022

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I love making pizza at home. It’s such a fun way to cook because it’s easy, and you can be really creative without paying extra. You get to develop your own specialty pies, and really hone your skills. While I’ve been making pizza in my oven for the past year, I decided with summer coming along, it was time to get outdoors and test out a pizza oven. I’m so glad I had the chance to try this out because it has changed my pizza-making forever.

Gozney’s Roccbox is a tiny green oven you can put anywhere in your backyard. From there, you connect it to a propane tank and switch it on—it’s really as easy as that. After about 15 minutes, the thermometer on the side of the Roccbox will be hovering around the orange zone (I love how they have the dial color coated rather than having to get way too close to read numbers), which means the stone inside of the pizza oven ready to use—and extremely hot.

I buy my dough from the pizza place across the street (but it’s also super easy to make at home), stretch it out on the pizza peel they provide (metal is way better than wood), add some toppings, and chuck it in the oven. The Roccbox also comes with a little pizza turner so you can rotate your pizza in the oven to ensure it gets cooked through evenly. After about a minute, the pizza is done, and I’m always amazed. Not only at how fast it is, but how good it is. Every. Single. Time. You can also put a baking dish or a cast iron pan in there and make some steak or pork chops, if that’s your thing—and the way it sears vegetables (in seconds) makes me smile every time.

Because of how easy it is to use, I’ve started experimenting more and more. The other night I made a clam pizza and I’m planning on making some sort of egg pizza for breakfast sometime soon. I think that has to be my favorite thing about the Roccbox—it elevates a creative style of cooking and encourages me to be even more so, especially since the results are always delicious.

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