New Photos of Daniel Küblböck Grönland Surface online: Is he living as a Woman in Greenland

4 years ago, a news of disappearence of Daniel Küblböck shocked his fans. Lot of people gave up hope after searching a lot to Daniel Küblböck. But, his family and fans were in hope to see Daniel Küblböck again. And, now there is a sign that he might be living as woman in Greenland

Recently, there were speculations that the missing German singer-songwriter and actor, Daniel Küblböck, could be living in Greenland as a woman. After 4 years of searching, this news is sure to bring relief and joy to his family and fans.

He was last seen boarding a cruise ship in the Bay of Biscay back in 2018 and his disappearance has puzzled many since. However, Greenland police have yet to confirm the sighting and are still investigating the matter. Let’s hope that more details will emerge soon and the mystery of Daniel Küblböck’s disappearance can finally be solved.

A Picture raised question among fans about Daniel Küblböck ‘s existence in Grönland

One of the picture came from Greenland which is not an ordinary picture. In the picture, the woman with brown hair, down jacket and denim skirt resembles a look with Daniel Küblböck. Fans are pretty much sure that the person ios Daniel Küblböck living as a woman in Grönland.

When Daniel Küblböck was disappeared, his ex-boyfriend Robin Gasser also emphasized saying, “I can imagine that he lives somewhere as woman, In any case, that’s very realistic approach, because that’s what he wished for.

Even a former assistent of him wanted him to declare dead. But, Daniel’s family always opposed his assistent for declaring dead. Even after the court declared him dead, his family and fans never believed that he was dead actually. Maybe they were aware about choices of his son to live happy life as a woman in Greenland?

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