Massive Swiss Cottage Flooding VIDEO Become Sensation All Over, 3 Major Water Lines Burst!

Massive Swiss Cottage Flooding VIDEO Become Sensation All Over, 3 Major Water Lines has allegedly Burst!

Panafric Reporters gathered that In London, large floods have formed. The floods have caused London’s streets to have rivers of water streaming through them. North London is the location of the incident. Many people had to be evacuated from their homes after they lost them. Early in the morning, a water main broke in London, causing the flood.

Massive Swiss Cottage Flooding Video

The flooding happened in the Swiss cottage. The cause of the pipe burst has been revealed. The cause is due to the intense low temperatures in the place this phenomenon has caused the water pipe to burst open. The freezing temperatures have caused this situation. The pipe burst has caused thousands of residents homeless. The water has flooded their homes and has caused a three-foot-high flood. Homes have been destroyed and a lot of damage has been caused due to this situation.

Many videos of the situation have been viral on the internet. The angry residents have been posting about the floods on Twitter and Instagram. There was an incident during the floods where a pregnant woman was trapped inside and rescue boats had to be called in to help her out of the dangerous situation And were taken to safety. All this was captured by the witness around and uploaded on social media sites.

The cops received assistance from other emergency services in resolving the incident. They rescued those in need while sporting orange jackets. According to the eyewitnesses, they responded selflessly in the emergency. To assist the citizens in escaping the floods, there were 8 fire engines and 60 firefighters stationed. This occurrence happened early on Saturday morning in London’s streets, which had been transformed into rivers.

North-west London has also been impacted by this, leading to a water deficit there. The entire ordeal has caused the citizens much distress. Due to the exceptionally low temperatures, the water was also exceedingly chilly. As of right today, no casualties have been recorded. The inhabitants of the homes were safely ejected. Research is being done to find solutions to control the water as the problem is being managed.

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