Marian flexes how sweet Zia and Sixto to each other!

Zia and Sixto Dantes!

Marian flexes how sweet Zia and Sixto to each other! Sixto Dantes is such a sweet little boy, he’s super sweet to her Mom, Dad and to her Ate Zia. Marian Rivera shares in her social media accounts a very sweet photos of them together.

Marian proudly shares how sweet her youngest child Sixto is. In the said photos, the first photo was Dingdong and Sixto while having fun in the swimming pool.

She perfectly captured the sweetness and bonding of Sixto and daddy Dong. In the second photo, it was her and Sixto where he gave her mom a very sweet kiss.

She also captured how sweet Zia and Sixto are to each other. Sixto gave her ate Zia a warm hug and Zia also returned the warm hug to her baby brother.

Zia and Sixto’s love for eachother are overflowing. Marian Rivera also shares the beautiful photo of her eldest child Zia. She proudly share how gorgeous her daughter is, and of course DongYan also had sweet moments.


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