Lady’s wig catches fire while dancing at her birthday party (video)

A video of a Lady’s wig catches fire while dancing at her birthday party, the lady ‘s hair catching fire has gone viral on social media. The horrifying part of the incident was that she realised it 13 seconds later.

Viral videos have never run dry on the world wide web – how amazing is it that there’s always something crazy on the internet?

From people riding trolleys on the highway to failed challenge compilations – the internet has never left us feeling lonely.

While you’re here – get your fill of LOL and a few cringe-worthy videos on the side. It’s 11 December 2022 and this is viral videos today

A video that captured moment a lady’s wig caught fire while dancing with her birthday cake, is trending online.

The fire came from the sparklers on her birthday cake. It however took her so long to realize her wig was on fire.

Watch the video below…


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