I paid over N6 million just to get crowd for my movie – Nigerian Actress Toyin Abraham (watch)

Nigerian actress, Toyin Abraham disclosed why she paid over N6 million just to get a crowd for her yet-to-released trending movie, titled movie “Ijakumo”.

Speaking about the financial implications of her new movie ‘Ijakumo’ and how much one has to spend on movies, Toyin Abraham said:

You see, number 1 thing [in movie making business] is funds. If you have funds. The person that wrote my story is like the biggest, or one of the biggest scriptwriter. I can afford to pay him. I have a good story. I can give you a story, give him the same story, and if you write the story, it might not be the same.

But if you can pay for that service, yes, the story will come out well. Okay, I’m to shoot a church scene. In the church, the guy has like one of the biggest crowds and I need over one thousand, five hundred people. Okay, you now see the church, you see only ten people because I cannot pay. I paid almost six million naira just for crowd [for Ijakumo].

Yes, after feeding them. So most importantly I think funds. I know yes, some people when you look at their storyline [it may not be good] but I think when you have intellectuals, when you can pay people for their talent, for their brain. Most importantly. Yes, I know there are some people that will have funds and even when you look at the movie, you yourself you will know that ah the story is not it. But the costume, the locations, are nice. You will see that there is something that will attract you to the movie even if the storyline of the movie you don’t like it.

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