How to Skip the Google Sandbox (Help Your Blog Index Faster)

In this article i will teach some of tips on How to Skip the Google Sandbox (Help Your Blog Index Faster)

1. Buy an Aged or Expired Domain

One of the main reasons for purchasing an expired domain is the authority it has as an established site. You don’t want a domain that is expiring after just one year. Another main reason to buy an expired domain is the value it has due to other sites linking to it.

2. Install and Configure Google Analyitcs and Search Console


3. Choose a Premium Web Hosting Provider

Premium Hosting combines the power and resources provided by our dedicated servers with our shared hosting’s intuitive cPanel interface to provide a powerful and easy-to-use tool that is perfect for users who want to run high-performance websites without the hassle of managing their own server.

4. Add Sitemap Plugin to Make Your Site Easier to Crawl


5. Manually Submit URL to Google


6. Publish High Quality, Original Content


7. Target Less Popular Keywords

Find low competition keywords that are relevant to the product or page I’m trying to promote at that point in time. Once I find them, I write blog posts about these keywords and link back to the target pages from the blog posts.

8. Create Social Media Profiles Linking to Your Website


9. Regularly Update Content

Updating website content regularly is an important part of running any business with an online presence. When you keep your site’s content updated, visitors will feel your site is more trustworthy and be more likely to end up making a purchase

10. Add Internal Links to All Your Site Posts


11. Get Non-Search Related Traffic


12. Create “Support Pages”




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