How Marian Balance work and family time

How Marian Balance work and family time

Tadhana’s 5th Anniversary

Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera excitedly shares to us what will the netizens needs to look forward to for the 5th anniversary of drama anthology ‘Tadhana’.

Even though  she’s very busy for the preparation, she made sure that she still have a time to bond with her family.  She gives sneak peek of her photoshoot for the 5th anniversary of drama anthology ‘Tadhana’.

Marian Rivera is very thankful for those people who doesn’t get tired of supporting ‘Tadhana’ since day one up to now.  Tadhana is a drama anthology that shows different kinds of true stories or experiences from different people that can also bring inspiration and knowledge to the people who’s watching it.

“It feels great that there are still a lot of letters we are receiving up until now. A letter that has stories inside from different people. True stories that can bring inspiration and knowledge to the people who are going to watch it. It’s makes my heart melts seeing them still supporting our drama anthology ‘Tadhana’. She said.

Despite being busy, Marian and her husband Dingdong make sure that there is still a family time for their family.

DongYan are uploading some of their sweet and fun moments on their social media accounts. Just like the activities they had this sunday, which they enjoyed very much, you can see in Marian’s eyes that she’s very happy doing the fun activity.

The activity they had this sunday was playing with the storage box where Marian and kids sat inside while Dong pushes through out their house.

The uploaded video of them in tiktok received a lot of heart reactions from netizens and also got 2.3 million views.

“Sometimes we just stayed at home and watch movies, sometimes we also go out and eat on a nice restaurant. After eating we are going to bring the kids to the playgrounds or in parks, something like that. Zia and Sixto also know that sunday is a family day for us.” She said.

“It’s very important for Marian and Dong that they have time to spend with their family and they also doesn’t forget to have a special time for each other.

“There must be a day in a month where we can go on dates, we need to have a quality time for each other. We can’t pass the month without going on dates once in a while. We always make sure to have time for each other.” She said

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