Hookup didn’t start today, our mothers started it – Nigerian marriage counsellor, Jane Chukwu 

Prophetess Jane Chukwu, a marriage counsellor on Facebook, has said that older generation mothers were the ones that launched hookup, the liberal term for online prostitution that many young girls have now recognized as fashionable.

According to Jane Chukwu, older-generation mothers saw sex as a transaction.

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“I have always said that our mothers are not different from today women, the difference is Internet and feminism, today women have access to support group who give them financial help and society now openly support irresponsible women. If these older men tell you what they went through that made them marry 3 to 4 wives you won’t believe it,” she wrote on Facebook.

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“Our mothers saw s3x as transaction, hookup didn’t start today, those days if our fathers no provide no s3x.” she added.

Netizens react:

@Juliet Stanley: “Your mother, you mean..Una go just the yarn dust upanddan.”

@Obadiah Musa: “Is this a global problem or just endemic in Nigeria? I always wonder how women think that is why I dey ask.”

@Chukwudum Stephen: “This is terrible, and I no sure weda to marry again cos since I have learnt so many things women do men in marriages, omo.”

@Sunday Amos: “The suffering of men didn’t start now; it will be there in the decade. God will save all responsible men.”

@Samtex Nonso: “Most of our fathers died as a result of altitudinal abuse and sexual starvation, no joy, no fulfillment felts inside of them; hence they died so quick.”

@Joshua R: “They are actually the root of the problem modern women are facing. Mothers are mostly the one putting bad ideas in the minds of their daughters.”

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