DongYan’s favorite place in their new home!

Casa Dantes!

Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera just moved  in to their new house, they gave 24 oras an exclusive interview and a little bit of house tour.

They showed first their beautiful garden, Dong’s favorite spot when he’s drinking coffee.  Pia asked them if they have their own favorite spot on their new house.

“Ahh this one, this is Dingdong’s favorite spot every morning while drinking his coffee.” Marian said.
When asked what’s her favorite spot, Marian answered,  “Over there! Inside our house where I can over look my husband while he’s sitting here drinking his coffee.”

When asked  what’s the favorite spot of their children, they say said it’s the swimming pool, and according to them Zia  and Sixto goes swimming almost everyday. Their favorite spot as a family is their mini garden where 24 Oras interviewed them.

Dong and Marian weren’t able to rest ever since they moved in.
“Honestly we don’t get to rest yet because there are so many things to do and need to accomplish especially now that it’s christmas season so we have a lot things to do.

But yes we don’t really get enough rest but for us it’s okay because we are really enjoying this moment, it’s a fun and memorable journey for us. Even though it’s so hectic, we are so happy to do and accomplish things.” Dong said.

Do they have a moment where they will just walk into the house then suddenly they’ll notice something that feels like it’s not okay, that it needs to add more display something? Especially you Marian?”

“She can’t sleep because she keeps thinking what can she add more and what she needs to accomplish.” Dong shared.

“Yes there are moments like that, that sometimes it feels like I need to add more things or display on this specific place.” Marian admitted.

Dingdong said that Marian’s touch made their home feel like a home “Because of her, and her touch, she give a life to our new home that it feels so much like a home. Because of the things that she adds in our home, it feels really a homey vibe.” Dong shared.

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