Dong Dantes statement on Online Scammers (Video)

The host of the top game program “Family Feud,” Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes, released his “Statement on Online Scammers” on his Instagram account.

“Many Filipinos truly want to join and take part in Family Feud’s Guess to Win Promo, and we’ll never get tired of thanking those who continue to support it. However, despite the joy that our show can bring, some people take advantage of this opportunity for scamming.” He said.

“Even my own name is used by them to convince their victim to believe them. We simply want everyone to be informed of these scams. We just want to remind you that if you win the Guess to Win promo, we will personally send you an email from GMA Network detailing all the requirements you’ll need to fulfil in order to claim your prize.” He added.

“Other than the officials of the GMA network, no other organization or person has the authority to present you with the award. Before providing any personal information, such as your phone number, make sure the person you are speaking with is a GMA Network official.”

“And for those who are participating in our promo, avoid leaving your name, address and cell phone number in the comments section on Facebook or YouTube.”

“Family Feud have a official site where you can send your detail. Again, thank you all for your endless support in our program!”

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