“Does Your Pride Put Food On The Table” As You Go Do Pride When You Have Nothing, Put That Habit Aside And Earn More By Young IG Influencer

Young Nigerian Instagram Influencer laments it that when pride is all you do so you have got the steps of achieving nothing in life.

The reality star emphasized that nice men are incredibly uncommon, and that there aren’t many of them walking around.

She continued by advising wom3n to handle any male they were dat1ng in Lagos, whether it was Ogbanje or Papi Water, rather than moving on to another man because modern guys aren’t sincere.

In Other News She wrote:

“Incase u are planning to leave ur relat1onship and you live in Lagos; l’ll advise you manage the ogbanje and papi water u are dat1ng, anything u meet outside what u already have is a scarecrow”

But you can try ur luck; the industry don cast but there are 4% good ones. All the best.

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