Ceetoowavy Twitter Video Of Robbery & Murder Of Eric Harrison Viral & Leaves Everyone Scandalized!

Who Is Ceetoowavyyy? Ceetoowavy Twitter Video Of Robbery & Murder Of Eric Harrison Viral & Leaves Everyone Scandalized

The repercussions of this viral video have left everyone in a state of shock. Not only has it damaged the reputation of those involved, but it has caused rifts between those on both sides of the story. Already, the public has begun to form opinions and take sides, which has led to heated debates about who is to blame for the scandal.

It’s a reminder that the internet can be a powerful force, and that we should all think twice before sharing something online that could potentially cause harm, the video surfaced on Twitter last week. Where Roberts could be seen shooting an individual. The identity of the victim has been revealed as Eric Harrison. He was 21 years old. The live robbery video has been shared by numerous users.

Who Is Ceetoowavyyy?

And people are commenting on the video and asking for justice for the man. The video was shared by a Twitter user of the same name as the video. He joined the platform in August 2019. Reportedly he is a resident of Texas. Along with the video, which has gathered around 10,000 views, he wrote that. He posted the screenshot of the video and criticized the robbery and murder of the ban. The post has gathered a lot of attention from all over the world and supports his cause. The whole incident

Ceetoowavy Twitter Video

occurred at Saint Helena Parish. The date of the video is 20th January 2022. Two men with the arm dope handguns could be seen asking a man and a woman to give their bag of money and when her husband refuses to cooperate they shoot him. And he dies on the spot. The dead entity of the woman has not been revealed. But they quickly robbed the couple and then run away. The cops are still trying to catch the suspect. The burglars also shoot at their cars. Unfortunately, Harrison could not be given medical help.

Eric Harrison Murder CCTV Footage Video

People were enraged because of the video and demanded the authorities to quickly catch the suspect. Do some media reports are suggesting that the police have already caught the 25-year-old suspect named Henderson? But the evidence is yet to be found. We would like to express our deepest apologies in sympathy to his family and friends. These are really unfortunate circumstances. Maybe so rest in peace. So stay with this for more updates about this case.


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