Bigg Boss 6 Telugu 2022 Winner? Photo, Name, Prize Money, Runner-Up, Highlights & More!

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 winner millions on fan are curious  to know about the name of the winner of the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 . This article is to inform you about the finale highlights of Bigg Boss that who have exactly lifted up the trophy.

So make sure you will be reading this article till last as we are here informing you about the name of the winner as Revanth who won the car and rupees 25 lakh

Who Is Bigg Boss 6 Telugu 2022 Winner?

So LV Revanth beat Shrihan, Adi Reddy, Keerthi Bhat, and Rohit Sahni as they all were part of Bigg Boss Telugu season 6. So they all work together in this house for more than 106 days after a lot of drama happiness laughter tears and emotions. Revanth won the property and also Rs 25 lakh along with the car. There were a lot of special guests who were being invited to that day.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu 2022 Runner-Up

When actor Urvashi Rautela also came up to performing in that particular show and showing her dance moves talking about this new season of Bigg Boss Telugu was being launched after the end of the ott edition this week so 21 contestants in this house and a well-known star Nagarjuna also return to the show as a host people will loving him and he has become a face of this particular show.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu 2022 Winner Name & Photo

Number of people came up as they were congratulating Revanth. Meanwhile, during the particular show, Nagarjuna also revealed that Shrihan was one of the contestants who got the maximum audience votes however he is one of the people who decided that now he will be going to take rupees 40 lakh and became the runner of the show.

So this game is all about staying in the house which is a common house and they have to compete with each other so that one of them can be in the cash prize and they have to save themselves from elimination which is based on the public voting the first episode was being released on 16 July 2017 number of seasons are 6 and the language is Telugu. It was a night to remember when Revanth lifted up the trophy.

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