Arsenal Defense Fumbles: Duje Caleta Makes Ramsdale Beg On The Floor As He Calmly Slot In To Score a fantastic header.

Southampton’s Duje Caleta-Car showcased his impressive goal-scoring abilities, as he skillfully beat the opposing goalkeeper with a well-placed effort.


The goal came off a corner, with Armel Bella-Kotchap winning the initial header, before Caleta-Car perfectly nodded the ball into the back of the net, securing a 3-1 victory for his team.



This goal is a testament to Caleta-Car’s exceptional footballing skills and his ability to capitalize on opportunities presented to him. With this win, Southampton continues to make a mark in the football world, showcasing their strength and determination on the field


The victory also highlights the team’s ability to work cohesively and effectively, ultimately resulting in their success on the pitch.

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