Arsenal could sign young talented player with similar qualities as Declan rice to solidify the midfield.

In Arsenal’s pursuit of strengthening their midfield, two names have emerged as potential targets: Declan Rice of West Ham United and Nicolò Barella of Inter.


While both players possess similar qualities, their slight variations suggest the possibility of a formidable midfield pivot under Arteta’s guidance.


Analyzing their statistics, it becomes evident that Rice and Barella thrive in transitioning play in midfield.


Rice has been averaging 58.7 attempted passes per 90, while Barella’s figure stands at 50.14.


Furthermore, both players display their ability to move the game forward with progressive passes, as Rice records an average of 6.60 per 90, just slightly edging out Barella’s 6.62.


Defensively, Rice showcases a slight edge over his Italian counterpart.


He averages 2.17 tackles per 90, compared to Barella’s 1.80. Moreover, Rice maintains a win rate of 58% in his total duels, slightly surpassing Barella’s 55%.


This proficiency in defensive duties adds a balance to Rice’s game, complementing Barella’s attacking prowess.


Barella’s impact in the final third could be the missing piece to complete this duo.


His ability to contribute to the attack is exemplified by his positioning, often placing himself in prime locations to receive progressive passes.


Over the past year, Barella has averaged 4.97 progressive passes received per 90, while Rice lags behind with just 1.03. This stark contrast emphasizes the potential impact Barella could bring to this potential partnership.


As the transfer window evolves, it remains uncertain whether Arteta will successfully acquire these targets.


However, there is little doubt that if Rice and Barella were to join forces, they could unleash a dynamic and formidable partnership in Arsenal’s midfield.


Only time will reveal the outcome of this pursuit, but the prospect is undoubtedly tantalizing for Arteta and Arsenal fans alike.

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