Amidst the sugar daddy video of Ivy Ifeoma, Paul Okoye shares a fresh video of Ifeoma and gushes over her (Video)

Amidst the sugar daddy video of Ivy Ifeoma. Paul Okoye, one-half of the music group Rudeboy, has posted a lovely video of his lady, Ivy Ifeoma. The musician resorted to Instagram to shamelessly flaunt his new girlfriend while raving over her.

In one of our previous posts, Ifeoma was dragged after a video of her resurfaced. The video which elicited mixed reactions was about having a relationship with a sugar daddy.

Ifeoma could be seen dancing with a Tiktok avatar which she described as a sugar daddy and all she wants was money. Coming across the video, many Nigerians have fitted the P-Sqaure dancer and singer into that category and said she is after his wealth.

Not moved about all of that, Paul Okoye went on to share a video of her new beloved on his Instagram post space. Watch the video below.

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