Ahead of ECOFEST: Singer Samza Spills facts, encourages fans to attend

Popular Sierra Leonean singer Samza spill hard facts about the irregularities of Sierra Leoneans concerning one of the biggest entertainment events ECOFEST.

In his words, he feels sad and dismayed over people who are cherry-picking on the show, he feels people are psyching unnecessary drama over what he calls”Kabaka’s money” .
He urged people to know their limits over people’s investment and that Kabaka is a profit-driven entertainment company that focuses only on investment.

According to him, people should not be questioned about Kabaka’s stance on bringing foreign acts because the show only gained its momentum because of the foreign acts otherwise 60% of the fans do not have an interest in national acts.

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He further revealed that without foreign acts even banks, mobile companies would not have been interested in a partnership deal. Samza encourages Sierra Leoneans to buy tickets and attend the show.

In his words

“Sad truth about ECOFEST!😔

It’s only in Sierra Leone people will tell you how to use your own money…..Sad!😔

Wi Moni, U Moni, en Mi Moni na 3 different Krio.

KME is an entertainment company that is open and not limited to determine it’s choice of investment. If Kabaka pay Falz $25,000…lef am na inh right en na inh Moni, u sef Open u yon company en put u Moni wusie u want am.

Simply put; if you know you deserve better, then don’t take what is available!

D earlier wi understand these dynamics, d better e be for wi all.

D show na tiday…. Go buy u ticket😊


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