5 things Lampard told sterling during halftime that worked for him .

It was a dramatic game at old Trafford as Chelsea battled with Nottingham forest but the game ended 2:2 draw as both team shared point.

Awoniyi (Nottingham forest) opened the scoreline for his team after a brilliant header. thanks to Lodi for the beautiful cross.

Chelsea were 1 goal down at halftime and Chelsea coach Frank Lampard encouraged his team not to give up that the fight is still on .

He made few tactical changes and told sterling to always be in the right position to wait for passes from his team mates. And aim at the post for goal.

And the magic was done as sterling scored at 51′ minute and after 7 minute, he scored a superb finish.

But the celebration did not last long as Awoniyi scored a brace leveling the scoreline .

The team have started blinding to the instructions of the new coach. Buh a lot of work still needs to be done to achieve a better result.

A draw at Stamford bridge was a fair result. But the team needs to improve.

What do you think about the game today. Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section below.


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