2023 school term for MOE primary and secondary schools, kindergartens to start on Jan 3 :

Primary 1, Kindergarten 1 and secondary school students will report to school on Jan 3, while the rest will do so a day later.

SINGAPORE: Primary 1, Kindergarten 1 and secondary school students at Ministry of Education (MOE) schools will begin the 2023 school year on Jan 3, the ministry said on Wednesday (Oct 19).

Students in Kindergarten 2 and from Primary 2 to 6 will report to school a day later, similar to arrangements in 2021 and 2022.

While this move was introduced as part of measures to safeguard the well-being of the school community during the COVID-19 pandemic, the arrangements have worked well in helping the younger students ease into their new school environment on the first school day,” the ministry said in a release.

It added that the arrangement will continue to be in place moving forward.

The school year for primary and secondary levels will end on Nov 17.

The last school day for schools that will be used as venues for the GCE O-Level written examinations will be earlier, on Oct 27.

Meanwhile, first year students at junior colleges and Millenia Institute (MI) will start the school year on Feb 3 and end it on Nov 24.

The rest of the junior college and MI students will follow on Jan 9, and their school year will conclude with the end of the GCE A-Level examinations.

All schools will have four vacation periods. They are as follows:

There will also be four scheduled school holidays for the 2023 school year: Youth Day, the day after National Day, Teachers’ Day and Children’s Day.

The dates are as follows:

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