Warzone 2 hacker terrorizes players in flying boat

A Warzone 2 hacker gained the high ground by hurtling through the sky in a flying boat.

Taking players out from a high vantage point can feel like a satisfying game, especially when you’ve found a sneaky location that makes you almost untouchable. A Warzone hacker took this to the extreme, giving himself both height and mobility in an unconventional ship.

Looking up to see a flying boat might be briefly amusing, but when the hacker uses it to fire shots downward, the bizarre sight quickly becomes an obscene asset.

Here is a Warzone 2.0 hacker in a flying boat 😅#warzone2 | #MWII pic.twitter.com/k4GxoAi5RD

— Call of Duty: Warzone 2 News (@Warzone2Hub) November 24, 2022

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The hackers can be clearly seen riding the flying boat across the sky, but even a skilled marksman would have trouble taking them out at the speed the boat is moving.

Eventually, the boat gets so badly damaged that the hackers have to abandon ship and gently parachute to the ground. Of course, by this point the damage has already been done and many unsuspecting players have fallen victim to a hail of bullets from above.

Warzone 2 has only been out for about a week, but hackers have already started infiltrating the online game. In addition, many bugs appeared that affected the state of the game. However, Raven Software has looked into the case and released a number of patches to fix a large chunk of the issues.

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If only they could wipe out the hackers just as quickly now.

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