In conversation with the South African squad

In the latest Betway Insider blog post, Adam Drury has a quirky conversation with the South African players – Quinton de Kock, David Miller, Kagiso Rabada, and Lungi Ngidi as they get into nitty-gritty conversation about their work-life balance. The South African players have been gearing up for the upcoming T20 world cup 2022 which is about to commence on 16th October 2022. South Africa are currently considered 4th favourites with online sportsbook Betway, priced at 15/2 in their online cricket betting markets.

Drury begins by asking the players if it is challenging to manage work-life balance amongst the challenging cricket schedule. To this, the players have encouraging answers to give. Kagiso Rabada begins by accepting that yes, it has become challenging for them to play in all three formats – test, ODI, and T20s. The Johannesburg-born 27-year-old player admits that playing all year with all franchise leagues does take a toll on them. Although it seems challenging at first, he feels lucky that he is continuously getting the opportunity to enjoy the sport he loves.

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David Miller (33 years) agrees with Rabada. Miller reflects upon his pandemic days when they were not able to play the majority of these big-league crickets. He says that in those days all he could do was stay in shape and remain in the best possible physique he could. Miller accepted that he did miss cricket a lot in those days. Therefore, now he is glad that he is back on the pitch and suggests playing cricket as much as possible ‘while you’re in good nick’.

Drury then turns to his other guests – Quinton de Kock (29 years) and Lungi Ngidi (26 years). Drury asks them what is their secret to staying mentally fresh. Kock says that his body is not under much pressure since he has taken his retirement from the test matches. He acknowledges the fact that the T20 matches are comparatively easy on the body and does not ask for much of a hard job. Test matches ask the players to keep coming back for a few days for long matches. Kock finds them extremely tiring. However, when it comes to T20s, it is fairly easy, says Kock. He further adds by saying that playing ‘white-ball cricket’ has always seemed beneficial for him.

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Lungi Ngidi, however, has a different story to tell. He says that sometimes ‘switching-off’ becomes essential for him to maintain his performance. Ngidi loves taking a break from all-thing-cricket (the game, news, conversations), and just loves to take a walk down the street and listen to music.

Adam Drury then asks the players if they see a future where a player has the freedom to choose the format that he wishes to play. Rabada happily says that he was happy playing like he is, playing all the three formats. But he wasn’t sure of the future. Ngidi agreed with Rabada in his views. Kock says that he indeed can see a future where that happens. But he also agrees with the fact that there are some legendary players who can take all three formats.

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