Trombone Champion song list explained

Trombone Champ currently offers over 20 songs to play through.

One of the hottest games to take the internet by storm is Trombone Champ, a trombone-based rhythm game with an endearing sense of humor and artistry. Many players were first introduced to Trombone Champ through short online clips of someone failing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

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— Holy Wow (🎺TROMBONE CHAMP AVAILABLE NOW!) (@HolyWowStudios) 09/16/2022

While much of Trombone Champ’s charm comes from the fact that these songs were played poorly, many players who haven’t had a chance to try the game usually have one question on their mind: how many songs does Trombone Champ contain?

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At release, Trombone Champion features over 20 songs for players to play along to while collecting various Trombone cards and achievements. The currently available songs are a mix of classic and original songs and are:

Holy Wow has also stated that more songs will be added in future updates along with various other features. Trombone Champion song list explained

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