Mother Kimon Bisogno Killed By Great White Shark In A beach In South Africa

As per reports, the mother who was fatally mauled by a great white shark while on vacation with her family was happily paddleboarding on the beach at the time of her death. Kimon Bisogno, a 39-year-old South African restaurant entrepreneur, was brutally murdered after traveling during the bank holiday weekend for Heritage Day. The mother’s “lover for life” After reestablishing their business following Covid, Diego Milesi, 40, and her daughter Luna, 5, traveled 300 miles from their home in Cape Town to the opulent Beacon Isle hotel complex in Plettenberg Bay.


Kimon Bisogno Killed By Great White Shark

Reports confirm that the family stayed there for three days. However, it has been claimed that Kimon, also known as Kiki to friends, went swimming yesterday just before 8 AM. The sea around Kimon “turned red,” according to witnesses, as shocked other swimmers screamed and fled the water with her family just yards away. It was too risky for locals to enter, therefore an urgent request for assistance was immediately made to the neighborhood lifeboat.

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As a result, the Bitou Municipality, which is in charge of the beach, has closed the Bay, deployed lifeguards nearby, and erected signs warning of sharks. The National Sea Rescue Institute hurried to the site and regrettably found Kimon’s blood-soaked body floating in the water about 50 yards out from where she was attacked. The lifeboat crewmen carried her severely bit body back to base on a stretcher.

After that, forensic pathologists received her body and will closely collaborate with the police to do a postmortem. Her family has been offered trauma counseling while an investigation is ongoing. Kimon’s close friend Carmin Commins posted on Facebook about the horrific attack, saying: “I have looked through your page over and over again and praying that it is a mistake.”I don’t understand how the world could let someone like you die too soon, but I do know that everyone you met was impacted by the love you showed them.

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“The world actually lost a pure soul and dazzling shining light who brought joy, laughter, glitter, and kindness wherever you went. You had such a pure heart and were so sincere. Gabrielle Alberts, another acquaintance, added: “Such awful news.

Your contagious, joyful laugh will live on in my memory forever. Kimon, you were too good for this world. Kimon and Diego first connected 13 years ago while on vacation in Ibiza, and they afterward relocated to her native Cape Town. Follow Social Telecast for more updates.

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