ZTE attended SATNAC 2022: Backing up Africa’s ICT Industry and Cloud as an Industry Trend


Recently, the Southern Africa Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (SATNAC) was held in George, Cape Town. SATNAC is an annual event held under the auspices of Telkom, and it attracts more than 400 delegates every year.

ZTE is the Diamond Sponsor of SATNAC 2022. ZTE advocates bridging the digital divide with cost-effective solutions. Cloudalization is not only ZTE’s goal, but also the direction that the global industry is moving forward to now.

ZTE is a leading provider of ICT and communication infrastructure and services with operations in more than 160 countries. The company entered South Africa in 2001 and now it has physical presence in Johannesburg, Cape Town, PE, and Durban. The company provides communication solutions and products, such as 5G, optical broadband, data center, video conferencing, and CPE, in South Africa

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CTO of ZTE Middle East & Africa Region Wu Jianjun is optimistic about the ICT industry in Africa. He said: “with 20+ years experience with various partners and clients in Africa, ZTE thinks Africa market is not an emerging market but a mature enough market. ICT is not only about communication, but also plays? an important role to benefit the society. Digitalization is fundamental for economic growth and talent education. The ICT industry in Africa will be more and more prosperous.”

Mr. Wu said that in terms of the current focus in the market, “basic connection, mobile broadband, and economic growth boost are the 3 aspects, and digitalization and cloud are the industry trends globally. ZTE could provide solutions and products to facilitate the focus and accelerate the industry trend.”

Emmanuel De La Gardette, from ZTE CTO Group, presented the maturity of cloud computing: the evolution of cloud architectures from centralized datacenters to all-distributed clouds (edge computer), allowing new performances and new types of service which are driven by the deployment of 5G and hyperscalar.

ZTE has been committed to becoming a driver of the digital economy. ZTE will continue to work with its customers and partners to promote digital transformation and boost the development of the communication industry in Africa.

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