Wolverhampton postbox topper woman provides a colourful tribute to the Queen

A colourful and moving tribute to the Queen has taken pride of place on top of a postbox.

The postbox outside Wulfrun Wool & Crafts in Penn in Wolverhampton has been adorned with a royal postbox topper made entirely out of wool.

The topper has a figure of the Queen with one of her corgis and a range of colours, with the number 70 at the front and a black ribbon on the crown next to the Queen.

It was created by Tracey Spilsbury, owner of Wulfrun Wool & Crafts, who said she had created it for the Diamond Jubilee and then added the black ribbon once the Queen had passed away.

She said: “It was done to bring a bit of happiness to the local area and make people smile at the time of the Jubilee, but after the Queen died, I had to revamp it slightly.

“I put on the black ribbon on a rainbox on the crown and wrote Rest in Peace, which was fitting for someone I think we all looked as a mother figure who was always there for us.”

Ms Spilsbury said she had had a lot of positive feedback from members of the public about the topper and recalled a moment that made her smile.

She said: “From where the shop is, I can see the topper as I’m very close to the postbox and I looked out one day to see a group of men in work outfits and high vis jackets.

“They’d seen that the Queen had fallen off of the topper, so one of them picked it up and put it back on, which really brought a lump to my throat.

“It was really lovely to see a group of lads show that much respect to put the Queen back on and shows how touched people have been about the topper and about the Queen.”

Ms Spilsbury said she hoped she could inspire people to take up knitting to create things like postbox toppers.

She said: “That old granny blanket might be something unique and may bring the younger generation back into knitting by giving them something fun to do and to look at.

“If they want to find out more, they can come into the shop and ask me and I also do knitting classes and crochetings lessons and I’m hoping to get back into schools again to teach.”

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