LeBron James & His Family Take Us Inside Their Home With Vanity Fair Photo Profile

At Sierra Canyon games, celebrities are both on the court and in the crowd, and Savannah has observed her children growing into the same dynamic as her husband.

“With LeBron being their dad, it’s just automatic,” she said. “It’s not something we’ve pushed or told them that they had to do, or anything like that. It just happened.”

As far as their photo profile goes, Savannah hopes to communicate an image of the family’s quiet dynamic at home.

“Everything isn’t for everybody,” she said, but she wanted this photo session to recognize and reflect the bonds underlying the family’s influence, to show the world their center of gravity. “Excuse my language,” she said, “but we a dope family.”

Head over to Vanity Fair to see the rest of LeBron James, Savannah James, and their family’s photo profile.

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