Sanjog Today’s Written Update & Episode 13th September 2022 Amrita Asks Maa Sa to Come Along

In the latest episode of Sanjog, we watched that Amrita asks Maa Sa to come along with her and further says that you can’t be angry with your own granddaughter. Amrita says that Tara is waiting for her but Maa Sa gets furious and yells at Amrita for naming her daughter without even letting her know. Maa Sa then reveals her real intentions and says that a girl can’t continue the next generation and for a flourishing future generation she wants a grandson. Get more information on Sanjog 13th August 2022 Written Update.

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Amrita gets surprised hearing Maa Sa’s words and says that women give birth to sons and a woman sacrifices her own home and relations to create a new generation. She again tries to make Maa Sa understand just then Alok comes there and Amrita tells Alok that Maa Sa denying for coming in veneration. Rajini says that she is not feeling good. Maa Sa taunts Amrita that people couldn’t provide time to get healed. Rajeev also arrived there and scolds Amrita for disturbing Maa Sa while she is not fine. Amrita replies that she is not joining us because she gave birth to a girl.

Gopal, there is proceeding to the court where he gets sentenced to 7 years, Gauri was waiting for her outside. The police officers were taking Gopal to jail, she met Gauri and they hug each other and cry. Gauri says that it was her mistake but you took the blame. Gopal suggests Gauri take care of their daughter Chanda and take care of the family. Gopal gets elated seeing his daughter and tastes her honey with his hand and blesses her. At Amrita’s house priest tells Amrita that they are running out of time when Rajeev says that we should postpone this veneration.

Amrita is disagreed with Rajeev and says that this veneration is quite important for her daughter. Amrita further says that if Maa Sa is unable to perform the rituals then she will do it on her own. Maa Sa arrived there carrying her luggage and says that she is leaving the house as she can’t bear more insults. Rajeev asks Amrita to apologise to Maa Sa because you humiliated her.

Amrita apologises to Maa Sa and says that she did all this just because of her daughter and she apologised if she hurt her mistakenly. Tune in to Zee Tv and watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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