Jean-Luc Godard Cause of Death? How Did Giant of The French New Wave Die? dies at 91


French-Swiss film director, film critic, and screenwriter, Jean-Luc Godard has passed away. He breathed his last on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, in Rolle, Switzerland. The director was a key figure in the Nouvelle Vague, the film-making movement that revolutionized cinema in the late 1950s and 60s. He was 91 at the time of his death. As he was a known personality, the internet has gotten flooded with tributary posts and RIP messages. Everyone is expressing their sadness about his demise. Here, check what happened to him.

Jean-Luc Godard

Known for such classics as “Contempt” and “Breathless”, Godard was among the world’s most acclaimed directors. His movies helped kickstart a new way of filmmaking, complete with handheld camera work, existential dialogue, and jump cuts. Talking about making films, Godard once said that all you need to a girl and a gun and proved it with his 1960 debut Breathless. In the film, a girl named Patricia was involved with a petty criminal, Michel. The latter was on the run for shooting a policeman.

The criminal trusted the girl who went on to betray him. It resulted in him getting shot dead by the police. It is no doubt to say that the movie resembled a crime drama but as with many of his works, the plot was just a frame for Godard to explore culture, experiment with image, and examine cinema itself. Let us mention that Godard was not everyone’s idol as Wild-child Canadian director Xavier Dolan called him the grinchy old man and no hero of him.

Well, it goes for everyone as people love some and hate some. Not everyone can like a person no matter how hard they try. Born into a wealthy Franco-Swiss family on December 3, 1930, in Paris’ plush Seventh Arrondissement. The work of Godard himself has had a significant impact, whether it is personal, experimental, political, or all three. In homage to Jean-Luc Godard’s 1963 film Bande à part, American filmmaker Quentin Tarantino called his production firm A Band Apart (Band of Outsiders).

In his movie The Dreamers, Italian filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci paid respect to it. Godard’s influence can be observed in the work of Danish director Lars Von Trier as well as in the way that Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami blends fiction with documentary. Tributes and condolence messages have flooded the internet ever since the news of the director’s passing came to light. For more updates and the latest news, follow Social Telecast.


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