9 Wildest Fan Theories About Boo, According To Reddit


Monsters, Inc. just passed its 21st anniversary and it’s been recently brought up that the director of the film, Pete Docter, didn’t think the movie was going to be a success. He told Entertainment Weekly, “At the time… I thought it was going to be a disaster and it wasn’t. People liked it and it [was] well-reviewed, and that was very gratifying because it was a heck of a long road, and very difficult for me personally.”

The favorable outcome of the Disney and Pixar film didn’t just lead to a sequel but it also lead to plenty of fan theories on forums like Reddit. The biggest theories revolved around one of the more beloved characters, Boo. Since Boo was so young in the movie, fans theorized if she came back in other Pixar movies or how the human world was connected to the monster world.

It was an emotional moment in Monsters, Inc. when fans viewers realized Boo may never make it home after being taken from Randall. Not much was known about Boo but there was one scene where Mike held a scare report.

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OliveBranch99 asked Reddit, “So… does Boo (Mary) have a twin brother?” Along with their question was a screenshot from the scene and the image in the folder looked just like Boo. The name on the paper said Albert and noted that he was scared of snakes. Many comments suggested Pixar just recycled Boo’s image for other characters, but at this point, why couldn’t have Boo had a brother?

Ozzertron had a compelling theory that connected Monsters, Inc. and The Incredibles. Considering how much Disney and Pixar loved Easter eggs, no theory is too far off.

In The Incredibles, Violet had dark hair and wasn’t afraid of heights for being so young — just like Boo. The Redditor went into elaborate detail explaining that Boo could be Violet. For starters, Sulley was astounded at how quickly Boo was hiding, almost as if she was “telekinesis.” They continued by saying, “Boo being as young as she is, wouldn’t understand completely how her powers work and would only be able to use them when she is happy and relaxed, which explains why she doesn’t use them when she is afraid of Sulley’s child-scaring demonstration or around Randall and his ‘Scream Extractor.’”

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In one of Pixar’s newer films, Abby was one of the most liked characters in Turning Red. She was one of Mei’s best friends and one of the more outspoken characters in the show. Like Boo, Abby had dark hair, wore purple overalls with the same print that was on Boo’s door, and they looked similar.

Another possibility that they were the same person was based on their personalities. Cover2CP wrote, “Abby is immediately a huge fan of Mei Mei, the massive fluffy panda, just like Boo has strong reactions towards Sulley in Monsters, Inc.” Abby could easily be Boo as a young girl in middle school.

The only reason Sulley and Mike found Boo was because Randall was secretly doing his own experiments with certain kids (or doors). While some may have thought that Boo’s door was pulled at random, BreezuBru realized that Randall had been visiting, or experimenting, with Boo for quite some time.

“When they mention Randall’s name, Boo squeaks and squirms and gets away,” they wrote. This proved that Boo was familiar with Randall. They continued by saying, “It’s almost like this has happened before and she knew Randall as in there, before anyone else,” along with more depth to their theory. This Disney theory could change everything because it meant Boo was, sadly, more familiar with the monster world than Sulley and Mike knew.

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There was one Monsters, Inc. error that some fans didn’t recognize. While Sulley and Mike were under the impression that humans were not dangerous or contagious, ProxyAttackOnline noticed a small detail (or theory) that proved otherwise.

The Redditor mentioned that the government workers had “radiation detection equipment” that clicked when it went near Boo — a human. Could this mean that children slowly emitted radiation? “My theory is that human children are indeed dangerous. they are incredibly radioactive to monsters. Mike and Sulley seem fine because they’ve been only recently exposed,” they wrote. Because children were theorized as dangerous to monsters, this was why the second Monsters, Inc. movie was a prequel instead of a sequel — because most monsters wouldn’t have survived if they spent more time around children.

Monsters, Inc. had one of the better Pixar endings because of the way Sulley and Mike saved. not just the life of Boo, but the lives of thousands of human children. Since the monsters and humans were in different universes, there were theories of what hemisphere Boo lived on.

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HiddenWorm noted some of the timeframes from the movie to pinpoint where Boo lived. “Assuming Boo has a reasonable bedtime between 6 and 8 pm… If we look at a timezone map that should mean Boo lives in Japan, Korea, Russia, Australia, or Indonesia.”

What if Boo’s human world wasn’t in the present day but the past? “There is that Pixar theory, that says Monsters, Inc. is set in an apocalyptic time (from our view) and the Human World is not another world but the past,” Kairo79 wrote.

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They continued saying that the doors the monsters use are a form of time travel. “So, the monsters travel through time when they walk through the Door. Consider that, the time in our world (the past) is the same when boo came back, if the time machine puts boo back in that time.”

Boo was one of Pixar’s greatest female characters because of her bravery at such a young age. Despite being afraid of monsters, she ventured to the monster world for an adventure. Sulley and Mike didn’t know her name, so they called her Boo because that’s what she said to them when she surprised them with her presence.

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Movie_Advance theorized that Boo’s real name was Mary. “Sulley calls the child ‘Boo.’ But when she’s drawing in Sulley’s bed, she shuffles through pictures that she’s signed ‘Mary,’ which seems to be her real name.”

Because of Boo’s adorable image, Pixar fans have had their eyes peeled for Easter eggs in other Disney movies. BattleReadyPenguin noticed that the Monsters, Inc. world may have coincided with Toy Story’s.

In the screenshot from Toy Story 4 was a young girl who looked just like Boo. “Could this be Boo from Monsters, Inc? I don’t have any other way to support my case apart from the fact she looks like Boo in terms of shirt color, hairstyle, and the sad face.” The young girl had pigtails like Boo, looked like her, and even had a similar color scheme to what Boo liked!

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