Sixto sings for his Mom and gave message to the guests!


Sixto sings..

Ate Zia Dantes is not only the budding singer in Dantes Family, her 3 year-old brother Sixto is following his Ate’s foot step.

At Mommy Marian’s birthday bash, Sixto serenade the audience with his rendition of ‘I can’t help falling in love with you.’

The song is one of his Ate Zia’s favorite song to sing and play with the guitar. As sixto sang, Marian, Zia and even Kathryn Bernardo were so proud of Sixto.

One of Marian’s friend Shyr Valdez shared a clip of Sixto while singing. After his song number, Sixto said, “Thank you everybody! Buhbye!”

The guests can’t handle Sixto’s cuteness! Here is the clip!

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