Hunter X Hunter’s Top 10 Villains


After three and a half years of Hunter X Hunter being on hiatus, the manga is returning for action in late 2022. There’s not much longer until the returning villains will make moves, so a look back on the series’ best bad guys may be a necessary refresher.

There are plenty of great arcs in Hunter X Hunter, each one with a wide array of villains. Whether it’s a series-long antagonist like Hisoka or a one-season villain like Greed Island’s Bomber, there are plenty of fantastic rogues in the show. However, some are so great that they outshine the others.

Genthru is the main antagonist of the Greed Island arc, commonly referred to throughout the season as “The Bomber.” Defeating him was the final step for Gon and Killua to get home.

Genthru isn’t quite on the same level as antagonists from other arcs. In fact, he’s one of the few villains to lose one-on-one to a base-level Gon. However, Genthru was a relatively strong hunter in the world of Greed Island and was a good final obstacle to getting Gon some great development before the Chimera Ant arc.

Shaiapouf is one of Meruem’s three royal guards and one of the four primary antagonists in the longest arc of the beloved series: the Chimera Ant Arc.

There are plenty of great comedic relief characters in Hunter X Hunter, such as Leorio and Ikalgo. However, it’s rare that a great villain can function so well as comedic relief. Shaiapouf is both a powerful villain and a hilarious character, whose obsession with Meruem is far greater than the other royal guards and often reaches comedic territory.

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Pakunoda was a member of the Phantom Troupe and a big part of the Yorknew City arc. She was arguably the member most devoted to the Troupe’s leader: Chrollo Lucilfer.

Pakuno wasn’t nearly strong enough to be listed among the most powerful members of the Phantom Troupe. However, she was a capable teammate that drove the story forward more than most. Her death effectively signaled the end of the Yorknew City arc, and in her final moments, she ended the feud between the Troupe and Kurapika’s friends. For the time being, at least.

Uvogin was the physically strongest member of the Phantom Troupe and functioned as the main antagonist of the first half of the Yorknew City arc. He was also the first Troupe member to die.

Uvogin’s fight against Kurapika was one of the highlights of the series. It truly showed how far Kurapika had come and showed the true power of Kurapika’s “Chain Jail” ability. Uvogin’s commitment to the Phantom Troupe was also impressive, as he chose to be killed by Kurapika rather than rat out his friends.

Feitan was the de facto leader of the Phantom Troupe for multiple arcs. His nen ability, Pain Packer, allows him to convert damage into extremely powerful heat.

Very few characters were able to defeat a Chimera Ant commander, but Feitan proved himself to be capable of accomplishing that feat. Feitan is one of the most present villains in the show, appearing in nearly every arc of the story. This includes the manga arc, where the short but fierce fighter is sure to do more incredible work.

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Chrollo is the leader of the Phantom Troupe, one of the most powerful superpowered groups in animation. He has the unique ability to copy other people’s nen powers to use for himself.

Chrollo was sidelined for much of the show after the Yorknew City arc, primarily because his nen was sealed away for so long. Now that he’s got his nen back, he’s back to being Hisoka’s prime target and is seemingly just as powerful as ever. Chrollo is a terrifying opponent, so much so that Killua’s father and grandfather were both on guard while facing him.

Neferpitou is the first-born royal guard and arguably the second most powerful character in the history of Hunter X Hunter. Their nen abilities allow them to either heal or manipulate bodies.

While Meruem is the undisputed strongest Hunter X Hunter character, Pitou might be the most terrifying. Their aura alone was a source of terror for multiple characters in the series. If it weren’t for Gon’s final contract that used up all nen he had (and would ever have,) Pitou would likely have exterminated the show’s main cast.

Illumi is one of two villains that has stuck around from the first season. In the current arc, Illumi is disguised as a phantom troupe member to help his best friend Hisoka.

Illumi is the older brother of Killua, one of anime’s best sidekicks. Illumi is as overprotective as he is terrifying, putting a nen needle in Killua’s brain that would cause him to run from stronger opponents. He was even willing to kill his best friend Hisoka after the latter asked Illumi if it was okay for him to murder Killua.

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Hisoka Morrow is the inventor of Bungee Gum and the most commonly reoccurring antagonist in the series. He’s best known for his flamboyant yet terrifying personality.

Hisoka is certainly one of the strongest nen users in Hunter X Hunter, but he’s also one of the most creative. Information in the manga shows that Hisoka is so hard to kill that he’s borderline indestructible and can seemingly crawl out of any dangerous situation. In many ways, Hisoka is more spider-like than the Phantom Troupe that he’s dedicated to hunting.

Meruem is the main antagonist of the Chimera Ant arc, the king of the ants, and by far the most powerful character in the series. Were it not for Netero, Meruem would likely have taken over the world.

Not only is Meruem the strongest villain in Hunter X Hunter, but his story is one of the best in the series. His relationship with Komugi was beautiful to watch, and it made him surprisingly one of the most human characters in the show. His final episode, “This Person x And x This Moment,” was possibly the best episode in the entire series.

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