DC’s Flash-Batman Combo Character’s Tragic Origin Is Sadder Than Either Hero’s


DC’s new Flash/Batman combination hero’s origin has just been teased, and it appears to be even more tragic than either of the Justice Leaguers. In a brand-new preview of The Flash #785 by DC Comics, Night-Flash’s backstory gets hinted at, as gaining his powers caused the alternate universe Dark Knight speedster to cause a massive explosion resulting in numerous deaths, including his fathers.

The Night-Flash is a new character to DC’s Multiverse, as Wally West’s attempts to find Barry Allen accidentally led to his children Jai and Irey entering a portal, taking them to the world where the dark speedster exists. Night-Flash is a terrifying combination of Batman and The Flash and has only been seen briefly so far. But, in a first look at The Flash #785 by DC Comics, readers learn more about the hero (or potential villain). Night-Flash’s tragic origin features more death than either of the heroes he was based on ever did, as his powers came amidst one of his most heartbreaking moments.

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In a new preview for The Flash #785 by Jeremy Adams and Amancay Nahuelpan from DC Comics, Linda West prepares to hop across realities in search of her displaced children, Irey and Jai West. In the reality where the Night-Flash operates in Gotham City, the two kid speedsters learn about his tragic origin, as it’s explained to them that on that Earth, Barry Allen developed a formula for rapid regenerative healing, making him a huge target. After a crime boss tried to steal the formula, Nora Allen was killed, and in the ensuing chaos, Barry was struck by a lightning bolt gaining him his powers. But, instead of saving his dad, the explosion of chemicals caused a massive fire, killing his father and everyone in the building beside him.

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Ultimately, Night-Flash’s tragic origin would lead him to become the world’s protector, but the combination hero doesn’t appear all good, as he’s described as a dictator who keeps the people of Earth in check. It seems to be freed from the dark reality they teleported to, Irey and Jai West will need to figure out a way to stop the menacing speedster – which will be a difficult challenge given Night-Flash’s powers.

Giving the combination hero an origin more tragic than Batman and The Flash is a great way to show much pain he’s suffered on his way to becoming the world’s protector. Losing both his parents – including inadvertently killing his father – while causing more deaths in the accident that gave him his powers, teases Night-Flash has suffered more than most in the DC Universe, leading him to become a dark figure in his own reality.

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