Asherey Ryan’s Unborn Infant Was RIPPED From Her Body After ICU Nurse Nicole Linton’s Merc Rammed Them


Asherey Ryan, who was 23 years old and eight months pregnant with her second son Armani Lester, was killed along with Armani and her one-year-old son Alonzo on August 4, 2022. In the car accident, Armani’s father, Reynold Lester, and two women in another car who have not yet been named died. Surveillance cameras caught ICU nurse Nicole Linton crashing her Mercedes at 90 mph into six cars and going through a red light into a busy intersection in Windsor Hills. Because of the terrible crash, the cars hit each other across the street and burst into flames just a few feet from a gas station.

Asherey Ryan had already chosen the name “Armani” for her unborn child. When the accident happened, the family was on its way to the hospital for a checkup on a pregnant woman. After his mother died in the crash, the unborn baby was taken from his mother’s womb. The prosecutors have also charged Linton with killing Armani. They say that because of the accident, Armani was born and died on the same day. The crash broke the other family’s car in half right away. Alonzo was thrown out of his car seat and landed at the feet of a witness. The witness tried to save the baby, but it was too late. The Medical Examiner’s office says that his body was found away from his mother’s. Her lawyers say that she has had “deep” mental health problems in the past.

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But it’s not clear what Linton’s real reason is for driving so fast. In the past two years, she had six nursing jobs in five states. It is also unclear why she was allowed to work in the healthcare system, especially in the ICU, given that her lawyer said her mental health problems were getting worse. In 2010, she started working in “external” healthcare at NYU, even though she didn’t finish her nursing degree until 2015. AMN Healthcare is a company that sends skilled contractors who are nurses to places where they are needed most. AMN Healthcare hasn’t said anything about Nicole Linton’s job or what kind of background checks were done when she first started working there. “Right now, we can’t say anything about a criminal investigation that is still going on. “If you have any more questions, they should be sent to law enforcement,” a spokesman said. If she is found guilty of manslaughter, she could spend up to 90 years in prison and will be held on a $9 million bond. Even though Linton didn’t seem to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, police say that her past driving record should have warned her about the dangers of driving recklessly.

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The man’s father, Luis Quintero, said, “I want to see justice done. Something for her, some kind of punishment for what she’s done. Then maybe I’ll be able to forgive her. Not right now. My son was taken away from me. And I won’t see him again.” “He had a smile that could make anyone’s day better, and he was always happy and excited. “I loved how he gripped his hands when he was excited and kicked his legs,” said Luis Quintero, the boy’s father.

At the crash site in Windsor Hills, Los Angeles, people pay their respects. The family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for funeral costs, and so far they have raised more than $163,000. On Monday, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón said, “In the blink of an eye, a young family was wiped out.” “The families and friends of those who were killed or hurt have been irreparably hurt. “It’s a terrible loss for their families and for our whole community, which found out about it after seeing the now-famous video of the event,” he said.

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