What Chantel Has Been Doing Since Divorce Filing


Pedro Jimeno filed for divorce from his wife Chantel Jimeno on May 27, and many The Family Chantel fans are curious as to both what and how Chantel has been doing in the past two months. Though Pedro filed for the official separation back in May, he stated that the duo has been apart since April 27. However, the news didn’t become public until it was discovered on July 7. Chantel has been sharing consistent updates about herself and her life on social media to indicate how she is doing since her marriage dissolved.

Chantel and Pedro were previously one of the most successful 90 Day Fiancé franchise couples of all time. The duo starred in their own spin-off show and had overcome a lot of family issues on both sides to build what appeared to be a happy and maturing marriage. However, everything went downhill after Pedro realized just how corrupt his family was during a disastrous trip to his native country, the Dominican Republic. Pedro returned a changed man and grew distant, cold, and dismissive toward Chantel. While Pedro filed for divorce, Chantel has alleged abuse on Pedro’s end. Many The Family Chantel viewers have sided with Chantel after witnessing Pedro’s shockingly cruel behavior.

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Many The Family Chantel viewers are expecting Chantel to bounce back once the gorgeous Atlanta nurse heals from her heartbreak. Chantel appears to be embracing her female friendships and family as she recognizes her worth. Chantel’s current Instagram bio reads, “The whole time you thought that you were not enough, you were over qualified.” Meanwhile, Chantel has been keeping a surprisingly good humor and attitude given the heartbreak she is airing on the ongoing The Family Chantel season 4. It is clear that Chantel truly fought for her marriage and loved Pedro, though she is moving on with much more tact and class while Pedro ominously hints at exposing Chantel for unknown reasons. The Dominican Republic native shared that he will reveal details about the split in a podcast, though many viewers are slamming him for infidelity rumors. 

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While there has already been speculation about who Chantel is dating after her split from Pedro, she appears to be more focused on platonic relationships. Chantel revealed that she spends time with Royal and Angenette Wylie’s’s son, who is her nephew. That likely means that she repaired the relationship with her sister-in-law after Chantel previously viewed Angenette with animosity. Chantel also shared a heartwarming photo of her and her sister Winter Everett embracing each other, as the two ladies seem to be a major source of joint support. She also has spent time with her female friends and found solace in those relationships. While Chantel appears to be healing, the model and nurse turned heads in a gorgeous lavender dress in a glam video that many fans interpreted as Chantel declaring she was once again putting herself back out there.

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Pedro might be cryptically hinting at drama, but Chantel appears to be focused on mending her broken heart and leaning on reliable sources of support. Both she and Pedro made it clear that their marriage cannot be saved. However, The Family Chantel season 4 viewers did witness that only Chantel was even interested in saving her marriage while Pedro instead checked out of it. Many viewers believe that Pedro cheated with either his young co-worker Antonella Barrenechea Streuli or her aunt and Pedro’s boss, Laura Delgado. While Pedro might have been over Chantel before she was over him, many The Family Chantel fans believe she will be the long-term divorce winner.

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