August 9, 2022 Hints & Answer


A new day brings a new Wordle word for players to solve and the August 9th word shouldn’t cause too many problems for most players. There is a bit of a trick to today’s word, but nothing that can’t be easily overcome. One of the best aspects of Wordle is the variety of words that are available and how simple things, like the commonality of the word, can alter the difficulty of the day. Some Wordle words have common suffixes like ‘ER’ that end up getting people stuck in a loop of wrong guesses, and others are so simple that it only takes one or two guesses before a player is sure of their answer. It always goes back to having a strong starting word though, and with a good beginning, filled with popular letters, any Wordle puzzle can be easily solved.

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Some players prefer a harder challenge for their daily break, and for those people, Quordle would be recommended. Quordle is a copycat that has players solve four separate Wordle puzzles at the same time. If a guess is used in one Wordle game, it’s used in all the Wordle games. This forces players to be very stingy with their guesses and keeps a difficult balance of bouncing from game to game. There is also Squabble, which has players battling others in a Wordle Battle Royale.

For those players who just need a little help, we’ve provided a few hints before the fully spoiled Wordle answer.

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The August 9th Wordle answer is PATTY.

Our Wordle attempt today was incredibly lucky, and we successfully nailed it on the second guess. For our starting Wordle word, we used IRATE. This only provided an incorrectly placed ‘A’ and a correctly placed ‘T’. One of the first instincts we have when moving towards the second guess is to always try to include a ‘P’, this happened again today, and judging by the most likely position for the ‘A’ we were looking at ‘PA?T?’. Instantly our brain went to PARTY, but the ‘R’ was already proven incorrect, we ended up going with PATTY and being absolutely correct. Sometimes it’s just pure luck that solves a Wordle puzzle, and that’s okay.

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