BBNaija: Housemates Secret Diary Sessions (Video)


Housemates Secret Diary Sessions. The BBNaija housemates In private journal conversations with Big Brother, housemates discuss people they find attractive. They are allowed to identify the names of housemates who appeal to them during the private journaling sessions. Who do you think is the most amazing?

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Deji BBNaija, one of the newest BBNaija inmates, has drawn attention ever since he entered the house. The majority of the girls find it impossible to stop gushing about how attractive he is and how cool they believe he is.

The girls could not stop complementing his appearance when Big Brother asked the housemates how they felt about the two new housemates during yesterday’s diary sessions.

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Adekunle, however, has acknowledged that he thinks Deji BBNaija is unrealistic and almost too good to be true. He made an estimate.

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