Authorities release name of motorcyclist killed in multi-vehicle crash near Vandenberg Space Force Base


VANDENBERG, Calif. – Authorities on Tuesday identified the victim killed in a multi-vehicle car accident along Highway 1 near Vandenberg Space Force Base on Thursday.

Faysal Hekmat, 33 of Santa Maria, was riding a motorcycle southbound on Highway 1 near San Antonio Road on Thursday morning when a GMC Yukon going southbound crossed over into the southbound lanes and collided with the motorcycle, spurring a chain of collisions with three other vehicles.

The initial crash propelled the motorcycle west, where it traveled into the number two southbound lane and collided with the front of a different car, a Lincoln Navigator. Hekmat was ejected from his bike and collided with the GMC again, according to the CHP.

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During the Hekmat’s second collision with the GMC, he was deflected onto the west descending embankment, roughly 40 feet off the side of the road, according to Safechuck.

A Jeep Cherokee and a Subaru Legacy observed the GMC continuing into the southbound lane, and turned the cars into the center divider to avoid crashing into the GMC, the CHP said.

The Jeep was hit with debris from the initial crash, and the Subaru sustained minor damage from turning into the center divider.

The cause of the accident remains under investigation.


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