Watch: Viral Video-Moment pensioner’s disability-adapted car was petrol bombed in Walsall

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Footage of the incident shows two boys approaching a drive on Walker Road, one of the boys then throws a brick at the window while the other throws a petrol bomb.

It took place on Sunday June 19, around the time six cars on The Broadway were set alight in four separate incidents over a nine-day period.

Frances Thompson, 67, lives at the address and says she knows of no reason someone would do this to her car.

“I got up to look out the window, and on the way, I heard another bang, I thought somebody had bombed my car.


“Apparently one of them had attempted to throw a brick at the window but the full glass didn’t break, so the back of the car caught fire,” she continued.

“They ran off and several cars pulled up, a lady said they jumped into a car around the corner and drove off.

“I thought it was a car crash, to begin with, my neighbour came out with some water and put it out.

She added: “I have no idea whatsoever why someone would target me, I have great neighbours, I have been here five years and have never had an issue.

“Six more have been petrol bombed on the Broadway in Walsall, it’s worrying.”

Shocking video footage emerged earlier in the month of people petrol bombing a number of cars on The Broadway in Walsall.

One clip shows two men getting out of a car and approaching a white Mercedes which goes up in flames seconds later.

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