Sixto nagpakitang gilas sa pag papiano!

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Good Job Sixto!

The Dantes Siblings continue to show and flex their talents and their Momma Marian Rivera could not be more proud!

We all know by now that Zia is very musically inclined, Zia knows how to play different music instruments such us the drums, guitar and piano. She also loves to sing.

And now Sixto is following his Sister footsteps. Mommy Marian Rivera posted clips of Sixto before playing the drums, and now she shared a clips of Sixto playing a different instrument.

Marian shared a video of Sixto playing the piano. She captioned, β€œAng galing ah!” Sixto is enjoying it so much and already know how to match the backup sounds.

Here is the clip:

Good Job Sixto! πŸ˜†

β€” ZiaDantesFanSite (@ZDantesFanSite) July 13, 2022


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