Sixto and Zia’s play date!

Sundate Play Date!

Sixto and Zia had a play date with a new friend Jianna.

Daddy Dong Dantes shared a couple of instagram stories of their play date. Sixto was so happy to ride his motor car with Jianna.

He told his Yaya, “Bye Ate Glenda!” Later on Ate Zia helped Gianna to get down. They captioned, “Ate Zia wants a baby sister na daw!”

Meanwhile, Daddy Dong held a zoom interview where he was asked what he likes the most being a dad.

“Well what I like the most about being a dad is that the future of my kids is in my hands, what I mean with that is why it is important to mold them to become a good person, to learn the right values, to teach them the right attitude are very important.

“Because we can’t stay by their side forever, the time will come that they will be on their own. So while they are still young they must learn these good values. Because they can use it in the future.” He said.

“They are knowledgeable enough how they would do things and they are able to decide what they want in life. They are free to choose what they want.”

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