Pagaalala ni Marian sa kaniyang fans trending sa tiktok!

Marian care for her fans..

An old video of Marian Rivera getting worried for her fans is currently trending, It currently has almost 250k hearts on Tiktok.

While a group of fans were walking home along edsa after watching Marian’s show, they spotted and approached Marian’s car while the traffic light was red. Marian immediately open the window to say hello to them.

Marian was also worried that they might get hit by a car because they were along edsa road. So Marian sweetly told them to be careful and should get back to the side of the road.

Marian’s shake their hands and blow kisses at them and continue to told them to get back on the side of the road.

Netizens were amazed how nice Marian treated her fans and how she genuinely care for their safety.

Some of the comments are:

“Ang bait naman ni Marian, talagang pinagbigyan niya fans niya.”

“Ang bait at ganda pa!”

“Walang kaarte arte!”

“Maganda na mabait pa!”

“Fan service Queen!”

Fans service Queen indeed!

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