Nigeria 2023: The Importance of Making Your Voice Heard by VOTING

The Importance of Making Your Voice Heard by VOTING

I have highlighted some of the reasons why some people don’t vote. Add your own reason(s) in the comment section.

People often choose not to vote because they feel their vote does not count, but one vote does count in many ways.

Your choice to vote or not, will have far reaching consequences on people all over the world, many of whom do not have the right to vote themselves.

In local and national elections, lawmakers are elected who make laws, policies, and appointments that will have effects for years to come.

The most common reason people say they do not vote is;

1. Vote does not count, but it does.

*** If everyone used an excuse and did not vote, what kind of government would we have?
Many people choose not to vote because;

2. They believe that this choice only has an affect on them; this is simply not the truth.
*** Your choice not to vote has consequences for people not only in this country, but also all over the world.

Many people in other countries cannot vote and some die everyday fighting for this right.


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