Marian’s hilarious interaction with fans


Marian made fans confused..

For our flashback friday, we are sharing a video of our Queen Marian Rivera’s interaction with her fans.

This video was taken during Sunday Pinasaya when it was still airing in GMA 7. Inbetween takes Marian loves to interact with her fans who’s watching live.

Before a segment, Marian was wearing her jacket and needed to take it off before the segment starts. Her fans started to scream their lungs out.

When Marian asked them they said that Marian made them confused about who they are and their womanhood is down to 1% “1% na lang pagkababae namin.”.

Then they asked Marian to turn around to see her back. And they once again screamed their lungs out.

Here’s the cute and funny interaction.


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