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DongYan share their favorite memories..

Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera were asked about their favorite memories as a married couple.

“There are many, but the most memorable are our wedding day and the arrival of Zia and Sixto into our lives.” These are merely the high points of our married life. But every day is a memorable day for me, especially during the lockdown, because we had such a good time together and shared so many special moments.” Dong stated.

“We made sure that we spent times like this bonding and creating new memories together and making it memorable,” he added. Because Marian and I were always working, we used this lockdown time to form new bonds and make new memories.

Meanwhile, Marian revealed that they never really fought even though they are together everyday during pandemic lockdown.

“I think he already said it all, the memorable ones are our wedding day and then when Zia and Sixto came into our lives and then now that we have much time together in our home, in fairness because we never fought in anything even though we are together all day,” she says.

“But overall, it’s a lot of fun because we always bond, and we’ve done it before because, as he mentioned, we’re always working.” He now has a lot of requests, such as wanting me to bake something or ordering me to cook his favorite dish. I used to do these things for him all the time, but now it’s different because he has so many requests every day.”

Dong said Marian always request for him to cook adobo, now he perfected it unlike before. “I guess that’s one of my achievement now, I learned to cook adobo in a right and tasty way that they’ve always requesting. Not like before that it’s always failed adobo.”

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