What you need to about LuaStarter and the Multi-chain IDO Platform on LuaSwap

What you need to about LuaStarter and the Multi-chain IDO Platform on LuaSwap

IDO Platform on LuaSwap : About Lua Starter

LuaStarter is the first multi-chain financing and initial distribution offering (IDO) platform based on the LuaSwap exchange.

Tomochain has announced the launch of Lua Starter, the first Initial DEX Offering (IDO) lunch pad based on Lua Swap. It aims to create a secure environment for early-stage projects that raise funds and generate awareness and liquidity across multiple chains.

At the same time, it offers crypto investors the same opportunity to discover more projects and investment opportunities in an optimized process.

IDO Platform on LuaSwap

IDO Platform on LuaSwap : Our approach

According to TomoChain:
“We have identified some issues related to the fairness, security and transparency of the current DeFi ecosystem. We will take the following initiative to resolve existing issues.


LuaStarter is said to be available in both TomoChain and Ethereum versions of LuaSwap, so all TOMO and LUA owners are DEX products from high quality projects carefully selected by crypto experts. You can participate in.

What is (TGS) Tier Guarantee System

TGS is a multi-tiered token allocation model based on the user’s hierarchical TOMO and LUA. This unique structure gives all investors the flexibility and opportunity to participate in IDO in a fair and efficient manner (more on this in a separate article). SEAT mechanism

The selection process is carried out so that only trusted projects are listed. The TGS model makes it easy for all investors to participate in IDO and at the same time participate in other projects. Token allocation also adapts according to the pool weight. Hierarchy totals include user holdings on both TomoChain and Ethereum to ensure equal opportunity for all participants.

LuaStarter envisions the integration of DeFi and Blockchain, which is essential to the success of the entire community. Therefore, we define the core values of LuaStarter as security, integration, and scalability (SIS).

This is a completely different approach than any other Launchpad. As a result, LuaStarter aims to provide the safest environment, integrate project developers, institutional and individual investors into the DeFi ecosystem and improve overall scalability.

About TomoChain

TomoChain is a scalable blockchain operated through Proof of Stake’s voting consensus and is used commercially by companies around the world. TomoChain’s mission is to accelerate the onboarding of millions of users by equipping modern applications with technology that masks blockchain friction losses while preserving the fundamental benefits.

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